TRAZA receives favorable result from ENAC for the extension of the scope in its agrifood product test laboratory

This new technical competence recognition allows TRAZA to expand its analytical control offer to companies in the food sector (agricultural, industrial and retail) that need results of maximum reliability and rigor, in accordance to the most demanding standards with international recognition.

The National Accreditation Entity -ENAC- is the entity designated by the Government to operate in Spain as the only National Accreditation Body.

Founded 14 years ago, TRAZA has the mission of protecting the health of the final consumer through implementation, consulting and auditing Food Safety and Quality management systems (BRC, IFS, ISO), in all the operators of the food chain, as well as the training of the food handler and the analytical control of the processed foods.

In Vicente de Pablos’ own words, partner of TRAZA, «the extension of the scope of accreditation shows the firm commitment of our company to provide quality services, allowing us to be a reference in the control of Food Safety, from primary production to the final consumer»

The accreditation annex can be consulted on the company’s website as well as on ENAC’s website Standard UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025 (ENAC N.º 1242/LE2264).17025 (ENAC No. 1242 / LE2264).


TRAZA has been successfully accredited by Entidad Nacional de Acreditación (ENAC), the Spanish National Accreditation Body guarantying our total technical competence to test on agro-food products according to UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard.

This new standing shows TRAZA’s total commitment with food sector, offering a complete service delivery within the Food Safety field whose main objective is to protect the final consumer’s health.

For further information about our testing laboratory services, contact us at + 34 968 932 312 or at [email protected]


PECB officially announced a collaboration agreement with TRAZA CONSULTORES to run specialized courses all around Spain, enabling both companies to share their experiences as Managament System experts.

PECB is an official certificating organism composed by people from 150 countries and accredited by ANSI (American National Standarsd Institute) in a wide range of international standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/IEC 20000, ISO 22301, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27005, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22000, ISO 26000 e ISO 28000.

Founded in 2004, Traza Consultores aims to protect the final consumer’s health throught the implementation and improvement of Food Safety and Quality management of our clients, in every single step of a food chain (primary production, transformation industries, distribution, hotels, restaurants, catering…). Traza Consultores offers a portfolio of internationally certified services, such as Consultancy and Auditing for Quality and Food Safety, nutritionals, laboratory services of food and water analysis under Standards conditions, environmental management and training courses regarding food activities.

This collaboration agreements is notorious since it enlarges TRAZA CONSULTORES Systems of Quality and Training, offering specialized courses internationally well-known, accredited by ANSI and organized by PECB.


Do you know about our certifications?

Traza Consultores is a company made by professionals with over 15 years experience in the management of Food Safety and Technical services.
The knowledge of technical healthcare regulations and the work developed over the years supports us as sector professionals and allows us to guarantee the proper management of your business project.
We have Systems certification according to International standards in Consulting and Audit Quality Systems, Consulting and Audit Food Safety Systems, Nutritional studies, food and water analysis lab, environmental, legionella prevention and HealthCare and Management and teaching for training courses.