Our Consulting and Audit department comprises the Health Services needed to raise the level of health protection of final consumers by implementing and monitoring various health plans, traceability and HACCP.

  1. Implementation and monitoring of the hygiene and traceability plans or prerequisites:
    • Traceability control plan.
    • Handlers training plan.
    • Maintenance plan.
    • Cleaning and disinfection plan.
    • Pest control plan.
    • Waters control plan.
    • Suppliers control plan.
    • Allergens control plan.
    • Temperature control plan.

2. Implementation and monitoring of the autocontrol system HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

3. Obtaining of Permits and Health Records, start of activity, validation, change of ownership, business expansion, …

4. Management to obtain licenses to open new establishments.

5. Study of corrective measures and pleadings before inspection reports, penalty proceedings and complaints from customers.

6. General advising on the production processes in industries:

  • Design of new establishments.
  • Shell life studies of food products.
  • Food Composition and adaptation to technical health legislation.
  • Using additives.
  • General labeling of food products.
  • Nutritional labeling of foods.
  • Label Declaration of Allergenic Substances in Foods
  • Genetically modified organisms (GMO)

7. Other technical studies, expert reports, preparing data sheets and certificates for import and export of food.

8. Management and Health-Technical support Import and Export of foods:

Our technical staff is composed of English proficient professionals, who easily and efficiently take care of the steps required internationally by the Health Administration.

  • Obtaining of Health Registry and special permits.
  • Laboratory analysis (physicochemical, microbiological, nutritional, …) required by the destination country.
  • Legislative adaptation of the product labeling for marketing.
  • Special Certificates.
  • Client’s problem resolution with health authorities in the transport and logistics of foods.
  • Correcting measures to the detentions of products at Customs.
  • Expert opinions and legal reports or tampered non-conforming products.
  • Official Veterinary Certificates on products unfit for consumption.

9. Health Audit in areas of handling, storage and / or sale

Our auditing system TAS (Traza Audit Score) represents an improvement in the management of handling facilities and/or food storage. TAS gives the food chain operator the complete and necessary information, which is objective and independent from the Sanitary situation of your company.

This auditing system is held through an internal control based on International Standards as ISO 9001 Certification, and many other company scopes such as handlers trainingand our food and water analysis lab authorized by the Health Administration.

Our Auditing tool has been co-financed by Murcia (Spain) Promotion institute and EU FEDER funds.