A common regulation in Spain for Food Quality

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The Ministry for Agriculture of Spain will set the basic criteria for all the autonomous regions.

In Spain there is a legal void concerning food quality. Some autonomous regions of Spain do not have regulations about it and some others have had them for ages. Now, the Ministry of Agriculture of Spain is preparing a Food Quality Law to take care of that deficiency. This regulation will be the follow-up for the Food Chain law that came into force last 1st January. Appart from eliminating that legal void, this new law should gain a greater balance between manufacturers, industrialists and distribution interests.

The Food Chain Law is thought to set some basic criteria so that some markets will function with the same criteria in every Spanish autonomous region. According to the General Director of Food Industries, Fernando Burgaz, the Ministry of Agriculture wants to update the regulation and the establishment of a common framework under the same control conditions. A computer network interconnected between all the autonomous community will be set up so as to implement the new provision. Moreover, a coordinating board for the quality policy will be assigned in order to apply common criteria on the country.

The new regulation will finally remove the penaly void by establishing a range of fines which could reach up to three million euros.

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