Asia and United States: keys for food industry

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1. China and Hong-Kong

2. Southeast Asian countries

3. United States

4. United Kingdom

5. Japan

According to the study «Analyis of the Main Exporting Markets» by the Spanish Federation of Food and Beverage Industry (FIAB), these are the five main exporting markets in the Food and Beverage industry for the upcoming years.

Next we find France, Germany, Russia, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, countries from Persian Gulf, India, South Korea, Magre, Central Africa, South Africa and Australia.

China is the third destination of Spanish exports, with a total value of 486 million euros a year. Meat industry is the most notorious one with a total of 35% of exports of pork mainly.

Nowadays, Southeast Asian countries (Singapur, Vietnam, Philipines, Indonesia and Malasya) support 365 million euros of sales volume, which grew during the past 5 years a 25%. Spain reaches 1,184 million euros of sales in United States, having grown a 12% during the last five years. This growth is one of the main goals, especially for industries of wine, olive oil and vegetable preserves, boosted by the Hispanic market boom and a global interest for ‘gourmet’ gastronomy.

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